Etisalat Mail

Etisalat is the biggest tele-communications corporation on the entire planet and the
principal worker in the Africa and Middle East, head-quartered in the UAE.

Etisalat mail functions in eighteen countries all across the Middle East, Asia and
Africa, servicing more than 100 million consumers out of a overall population of roughly
1.9 billion public. In the year 2009, Etisalat mail declared an yearly Net Earnings of
$30.830 billion and Net Profits of $ 8.835 billion pointing a 5.0% and 16.0% boost
correspondingly, contrasted to the year 2008. Etisalat mail is a wide-ranging tele-
communications supplier gifting a one stop house for fixed-line voice, mobile and data
services to folks, companies and global tele-communications business, content suppliers,
ISPs, and mobile operators.

It recommends a range of scientific admiring services to the tele-communications trade
together with administrative and technological training, payment way out, SIM card
production, clearing house services, voice, peering, and data transfer, and underwater
and ground cable services. Etisalat mail has a standing for beginning the correct service
to the exact addressees at the accurate marketplace at the correct time. This has been
obsereved at all time and again & again, with the beginning of GSM, mobile, NGN fixed,
Internet and mobile broadband services within the Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Etisalat mail is also the chief centre in the Middle East, for voice, internet, mobile
broadband, corporate data services, roaming and broadcast, with an widespread
provincial and international set of connections. It is the biggest transporter of global
voice traffic in the Africa and Middle East and the 12th biggest voice transporter on
the planet. Etisalat mail is the principal complete supplier of transporter and wholesale
services in the area with PoP (Points of Presence) in London, New York, Amsterdam,
Paris, Singapore and Frankfurt as long as a strictly worldwide contact. Etisalat mail
has 526 roaming contracts linking 184 countries permiting 3G, voice roaming and

Etisalat is a main sponsor in Thuraya, one of the planet's foremost satellite mobile
communication organization casing more or less 2/3rd of the etire world's shell. With
Etisalat Internet Services, administration of your Etisalat mail accounts is very easy and
simple. You can scrutiny bills, compensate them and do a lot more just by the click of a
mouse, anytime and anywhere you desire with absolute assurance and safety.

Etisalat WebMail is customer friendly and has many fresh and new characteristics:
1 Upto 5 GB sapce for Storage
2 Email2SMS creator
3 Complete Address Book
4 50+ covering
5 Advanced Mail Filters
6 Get your
7 Voice Mail
8 SMS Alerts
9 Vacation Auto Responder
10 Email2MMS creator
11 AntiSpam & AntiVirus
12 Improved Arabic Backup

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