Etisalat Online Services

Looking for a funeral service that is online in nature? Then Etisalat Online Services is just what you are looking for. Now wait a minute, I know what you are thinking. An online funeral service? Yes, you heard that right, an online funeral service.

With the advances in technology these days even traditions like wakes and funerals have hopped on to the technology bandwagon and funeral online services is just one of them. This was an answered prayer for people who experience sudden deaths in the family and they can't readily be there. Good example are family members who work in different countries and places that are very far flung from their residing place.

Etisalat Online Services

With this slowly but surely booming industry, how does Etisalat Online Services compare to its competitors and why should you choose it over other online funeral services? Well below is an article dedicated to finding out the ins and outs on Etisalat Online Services.

The company started back in 2005 when founder, Evelyn Lagajeno, saw the prospects and the potential of such a market. This was also a time when there were a lot of people going out of the country to pursue their careers or to make a better living for their families.

In cases wherein there are unexpected and sudden deaths in the family, a lot of these people will definitely not be able to go home immediately, that is why Lagajeno thought of instead of these people going back to the country, she brings the funeral to them.

Etisalat Online Services

Initially this was not taken very well by a lot of people. Looking at your loved ones on their caskets on a computer screen was not entirely fascinating and appealing, but as the years went by, people took notice of the convenience of such services. After all, it's better than not seeing your loved ones for their very last time here on earth.

Lagajeno's online funeral services are not just any run of the mill online funeral service you see these days. It has cemented itself as one of the best if not the best. Their rates are very reasonable and very affordable and they only use technology that is above par.

Their cameras and CCTV broadcasts are the latest when it comes to viewing experience and they ensure that the one watching the online funeral service will have a high definition experience - no blurs, no interruptions.

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